Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby Steps

Well, we did make it to the Oklahoma District Campgrounds!! (finally) We've had a few days to prepare for Jr. Youth camp. Our oldest son, Garett, will be going to camp for the first time. I'm having a real hard time letting him grow up!! I know, It's only just beginning!!!
I am reminded of several years ago when I heard Dr. Dobson say that from the time we give birth, we start letting them go!! I remember that day, holding my newborn son and crying because I didn't want to even start thinking in that direction! Now he's almost 12 years old and as I look back, I see the times that we have pulled back to let our baby find his own way. They were baby steps. In my heart I know that camp is a great opportunity to let them try their wings and broaden their social horizons, but I feel that this is a little more than baby steps!! I know that from this moment on there will be no turning back:-( On the other hand I believe He will get to try his wings only a few yards from our nest on wheels!!:-)
We are so proud of both of our boys and have tried to instill in them the Word of God and good moral values as well as how to treat their peers and to respect those in authority. They are not perfect by no stretch of the imagination!! But what a great place to put to test all that we have tried to teach them.
I love youth camps. I started going to Youth Camp in Mississippi when I was only 8 yrs. old!! God filled me with the Holy Ghost for the first time in Youth Camp when I was only 9 yrs. old. I sang in a choir for the 1st time at camp. It was a place of Spiritual renewal and great social interaction!! I got my 1st boyfriend at camp also!! (although he never even talked to me, we did exchange name tags!!:-) I even worked and saved money one year to buy a special dress for camp when I was 12 . I remember all the bake sales and my Momma helping us mow yards just to make money for Youth Camp.(Thanks Momma!!) When Todd and I were married only 3 months, I went to Camp for the 1st time as a Dorm Mom with our Youth group!(what fun!) I think back only to realize how much Youth Camp shaped and molded me as a young person for the good. For me camp was a wonderful experience. And I will do everything in my power to see that my boys will grow up looking forward to Youth Camp every summer! What a wonderful and safe environment to let your babies learn to grow spiritually and socially! Can't think of better!
So, Garett, you go ahead to camp and mommy promises to try not to embarrass you too much!! I will be close if you need me, but I will give you plenty of room to grow into the wonderful young man that I know you are becoming. (But please don't forget to brush your teeth and you'd better not lose any of your new clothes!! )

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Longest Day!!

Today was just another day in the life of the Jenkins!! In spite of it all, It really was a good day. Our day started great, I actually got up early and was getting prepared for a long trip to Oklahoma City.
My sweet husband arrived home from preaching in Starks, La. for Bro. Fraizer at about 10:00 am. We prepared the Trailer and were on our way from Huntsville, Tx. to Gainseville, Tx. (At least that is what our plans were.)
Well, we made it a whole 37 miles!!! We had a tire to blow out on the truck. We had to drive the truck on the shoulder of the road about 2 miles to the nearest exit. Thankfully the exit had a truck parking lot on it and we were able to change the tire in a safe spot. So needless to say, we only have 37 miles behind us because we will have to wait until tomorrow to get new tires. By the time we got the flat changed, the tire shops were closed. Sooo, we are now residing in "Home on the range" RV Park.
Pray for us that we can make a timely trip tomorrow. We need to get to Mustang, Oklahoma , because Todd has to be at the airport in OKC Saturday morning at 6:00 am!!! Not only was today the longest day, I believe tomorrow could be even longer!
Although today was very busy, I really have a lot to be thankful for.
#1 We didn't have a flat in Dallas rush hour!
#2 We do have our home(bathroom,kitchen,etc.) on wheels
#3 We had a safe place to unhook and change the tire
#4 Even though it was HOT, God provided clouds and a nice breeze
#5 Engine(transmission) trouble would have been worse!! (been there done that!)
#6 We were 4 miles from the nearest town and 6 miles from an RV park
So, considering everything , Today was just another day to be able to stop and count our blessings!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Under Construction

Wow, Here I am!! I think I might get the hang of this eventually. I hope everyone will be patient with me, I am very new at blogging:-)

I am excited about getting to share our experiences on the "evangelistic road". God has really blessed and we are having a great time for the most part. Sometimes we get a little weary, but that's OK . I will try to keep my site updated and will promise to keep it interesting! So, here we go.....

The Jenkins Family