Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Longest Day!!

Today was just another day in the life of the Jenkins!! In spite of it all, It really was a good day. Our day started great, I actually got up early and was getting prepared for a long trip to Oklahoma City.
My sweet husband arrived home from preaching in Starks, La. for Bro. Fraizer at about 10:00 am. We prepared the Trailer and were on our way from Huntsville, Tx. to Gainseville, Tx. (At least that is what our plans were.)
Well, we made it a whole 37 miles!!! We had a tire to blow out on the truck. We had to drive the truck on the shoulder of the road about 2 miles to the nearest exit. Thankfully the exit had a truck parking lot on it and we were able to change the tire in a safe spot. So needless to say, we only have 37 miles behind us because we will have to wait until tomorrow to get new tires. By the time we got the flat changed, the tire shops were closed. Sooo, we are now residing in "Home on the range" RV Park.
Pray for us that we can make a timely trip tomorrow. We need to get to Mustang, Oklahoma , because Todd has to be at the airport in OKC Saturday morning at 6:00 am!!! Not only was today the longest day, I believe tomorrow could be even longer!
Although today was very busy, I really have a lot to be thankful for.
#1 We didn't have a flat in Dallas rush hour!
#2 We do have our home(bathroom,kitchen,etc.) on wheels
#3 We had a safe place to unhook and change the tire
#4 Even though it was HOT, God provided clouds and a nice breeze
#5 Engine(transmission) trouble would have been worse!! (been there done that!)
#6 We were 4 miles from the nearest town and 6 miles from an RV park
So, considering everything , Today was just another day to be able to stop and count our blessings!!

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